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Hotels are places where we spend a lot of time when traveling. Whether it’s a quick overnight stay before a flight or a longer stay after a vacation, hotels play a big part in our lives. And since hotels are so central to our daily routines, it makes sense that they also make a big impression on our minds.
In fact, according to research conducted by the American Psychological Association, hotels are among the most memorable places we visit. They were found to be much more memorable than restaurants, museums, shopping malls, and theme parks. So, if you’re looking to leave a lasting impression on guests, consider these tips for creating a memorable hotel experience.

  1. Choose a Location That Suits Your Needs
    You may think that all hotels are created equal, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of things to consider when choosing a location for your next trip. For instance, if you plan to travel during peak season, choose a hotel that’s centrally located. Also, if you’re planning to stay for a week or more, look for a hotel that offers amenities like a spa, swimming pools, and gyms.
  2. Consider What Room Type Is Best for You
    When selecting a hotel room, it’s best to opt for one that suits your needs. For instance, if space is tight, select a smaller room instead of a larger one. Likewise, if you prefer a quiet environment, pick a room that doesn’t face busy streets.
  3. Select Amenities That Will Help You Relax
    Amenities like spas, hot tubs, and swimming pools help create an inviting atmosphere. These features also offer guests a chance to unwind and relax. Plus, they provide opportunities for socializing with friends and family.
  4. Avoid Overcrowded Areas
    It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of visiting a city. But, if you find yourself stuck in traffic or surrounded by crowds, it’s likely that you’ll feel overwhelmed. Instead, try to avoid areas that are crowded. Look for hotels that are located in quieter neighborhoods.
  5. Use Technology to Stay Connected
    Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into everyday life. As a result, many hotels now feature Wi-Fi hotspots that allow guests to connect to the internet without having to go out and purchase a separate device.
  6. Ask About Special Offers
    Many hotels offer special deals to attract guests. Some even offer discounts for booking multiple rooms at once. By signing up for email alerts, you can receive information about these specials.
  7. Take Advantage of Freebies
    Some hotels offer free extras like breakfast, drinks, and snacks. Others give away gift certificates or coupons. When staying at a hotel, ask about what perks they offer.
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