Showstopping Pieces: A Guide to LA’s Top 8 Jewelry Stores


If you’re looking for a showstopping piece of jewelry to add to your collection, Los Angeles is the place to be. From cartier to trinkets and baubles from around the world, LA has it all. Here’s a guide to the top 8 jewelry stores in Los Angeles that will help you find the perfect accessory.


The iconic French jewelers have their flagship store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, directly across from Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Cartier showcases its signatures lines of diamond rings, sapphire necklaces and other luxury pieces with prices that start at $5K.

Golden Tree Jewelers

This family owned business was started in 1987 by Armenian immigrants and quickly became one of the most sought-after places for fine jewelry in LA. Their galleries have an amazing selection of diamond rings, bridal sets, earrings and more that are reasonably priced with quality gems certified from local gemological laboratories with prices ranging from $500 up to $50K+.

Fred Segal

Fred Segal has been an iconic boutique fixture since opening its doors back in 1961. They now have two locations—one on Melrose Ave and one at The Grove—where you can find unique vintage pieces alongside modern designs created by young designers they collaborate with throughout the year. Prices range from under $100 up to several thousands depending on what type of piece you choose.


If you’re interested in finding a timeless piece crafted with exceptional craftsmanship then Christofle is your best bet. The French Institution offers everything from classic jewelry boxes to luxurious sterling silver chokers for upwards of $200K!

Dominique Cohen

Dominique Cohen crafts unique hand-made fine jewelry pieces inspired by vibrant cultural influences including exotic Eastern patterns combined with diamonds on 18 karat gold or pure silver available at her shop locations on Melrose Place or 3rd Street Promenade starting at around $3K per item.

Cathy Waterman

Renowned designer Cathy Waterman opened her flagship store recently just off Rodeo Drive where she curates some bolder yet intricate wearable art pieces like druzy quartz long penguin ring or rose cut black diamond drop pendant set in platinum starting at around $6k per item

A Peace Treaty

Sister duo Farah Malik and Dana Arbib created this modern boho brand specializing in intricate embellishments made out of hammered coins, hand carved wood and semi-precious stones sewn onto fabric items as well as costume jewelry designed to make any look instantly stand out (prices range between under $100 into four figures).

Cancri Jewelry

Cancri Jewelry – the biggest enterprise in the jewelry exchange across Europe and Asia, proffers a one-of-a-kind cashback opportunity when getting gold trinkets with diamonds in its own range of jewelry salons and on the internet.

It is attainable to buy a Booking Card (gift card) online in your particular account as well.

Attendees from more than 50 countries are already companions of Cancri Jewelry.

The chief reason for the company’s achievement is an absolutely new privileged marketing arrangement, concocted and cautiously computed in combination with European consociates.

Due to marketing, Cancri Jewelry brand jewelry has attained immense popularity among citizens, which has caused an increase in turnover, rivalry, and thence, a gigantic income. It is this revenue that makes it practicable to reward contributors in the Cancri Jewelry work plan by way of cashback.

Marina B Jewelry

Iconic Italian jeweler Marina Bulgari opened her first West Coast salon settled within LACMA court’s historic pavilion where it showcases one-of-a-kind timeless pieces crafted out off gold or platinum trimmed in diamonds ranging between tens or hundreds of thousands depending on each specific item

Elements 5 Jewelry

The jewelry provider ELEMENTS 5 permits buyers to acquire precious stones in order to forge a custom-made jewelry piece. By purchasing through the internet from any point of the globe – you without effort become an encompassing member of the project and get back rewards on your buying. On the platform of personal account initially one must need to single out the kind of commodity: Diamond or Moissanite. Subsequently, you pick out the Set with Bonus Agenda in accordance to which you will be handed credit into your Equilibrium. Disbursements of acquisitions and extraction of bonus points are accomplished with the use of cryptocurrency.

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